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Theft charges, no matter how minor-seeming, can have far-reaching consequences. For example, a theft conviction on a background check may cause employers to think twice about your job application. Repeated theft offenses can also result in heavier penalties, including mandatory jail time.

At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we provide skilled criminal defense for clients facing property crime charges in Dougherty County and the nearby areas. Trial lawyer Tommy Duck applies his experience, insight, and diligence to defending his clients' rights and futures against the serious consequences of property and theft crimes.

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Types of Property & Theft Crimes

There are several different types of property and theft crimes. Depending on the severity of the alleged offense, a conviction can lead to jail time, steep fines, probation, and more. At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we have assisted clients with all types of property and theft crimes.

We represent clients accused of:

  • Shoplifting or misdemeanor theft
  • Felony theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Armed robbery
  • Automobile theft
  • Financial fraud or embezzlement
  • Other white collar crimes

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Theft Crimes on College Campuses

Theft offenses are some of the more common criminal activities found on college campuses. College students accused of theft face not only criminal penalties but also the possibility of being expelled from school.

Tommy Duck has extensive experience representing college students from Albany State University, Darton State College, Georgia Southwestern in Americus, and other schools who have been accused of property and theft crimes. He often works remotely with parents who may live out of state or out of the country, taking care of the details of their child's defense locally and providing regular communication to them throughout the duration of the case.

If you, your roommate, or your child has been accused of shoplifting or any other type of theft crime, contact our firm online or by phone at (229) 999-4147 to schedule a consultation with our attorney.

Past Clients Tell Their Stories

  • Not Guilty of Murder!

    “From the day we hired Attorney Duck he seemed to be sharp and always addressing issues that didn't seem right or seemed false in my case(On behalf of the state). I feel as though if there was anything that could've been done, it was. He always kept me posted and informed with any plea bargains or court dates. I'd rather not, but if I had to go through it again I wouldn't choose anyone else. Attorney Duck is without a doubt is one of the best at what he does.”


  • He and his staff are courteous, professional, and responsive.

    “Tommy worked hard on my case and that resulted in an outcome better than I expected.”

    Former Client

  • Tommy Duck is one of the best lawyers I have worked with.

    “He put my personal welfare first and stayed on top of my case from start to finish.”


  • Mr. Duck is very professional and went above and beyond to get my case dismissed.

    “I would highly recommend his services!”

    Former Client

  • I have never met an attorney that approaches his job with such compassion and zeal.

    “I have never met an attorney that approaches his job with such compassion and zeal. When I initially approached Mr. Duck to represent my son, he immediately sprung into action. In addition, Mr. Duck and his team were well prepared and thorough, making sure that all pertinent information was presented and also revealed. Thank you Mr Duck, you are a Godsend. I highly recommend Mr. Thomas Duck to others if a criminal defense attorney is needed.”

    Former Client