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A criminal conviction can have a serious, lasting impact on your life. If you or a loved one are facing charges, it’s crucial that you enlist the legal assistance of an experienced Albany criminal defense attorney. At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we offer thorough and aggressive representation for clients throughout the counties of Dougherty, Worth, and Lee.

What is a Defense Attorney?

A defense attorney is a legal professional who works to represent individuals or organizations that have been accused of committing a crime. Their main responsibility is to defend their clients' rights and interests while ensuring that they receive a fair trial. Criminal defense attorneys' duties may involve investigating the case, interviewing potential witnesses, negotiating with prosecutors, and arguing in court on behalf of their client. They may also work to negotiate plea bargains, reduced charges, or lighter sentences for their clients.

At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we do just that. With a background in prosecution, Tommy Duck has an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system. Now, he uses this experience and knowledge to build strong cases on behalf of his clients and help them strive for an optimal outcome. At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we are committed to fighting for your rights, your freedom, and your future.

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Understanding Your Rights & What to Do after You Are Charged with a Crime

After an arrest or criminal charge, it’s important to remember that you still have rights. Whether you are facing charges for domestic violence, DUI, theft, sex crimes, or drug crimes, you are still presumed innocent and have the right to competent legal representation.

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime in Georgia, you have the right to:

  • Remain silent; you do not have to answer any questions or make statements
  • Not be penalized for refusing to answer questions or speak to police officers
  • Stop answering questions at any time, even if you have already spoken with law enforcement
  • Be told why you are being arrested or what crime you are being charged with
  • Know that, should you waive your right to remain silent, anything you say can be used in court
  • Speak privately with an attorney before answering questions or signing anything
  • Have an attorney appointed to you if you cannot afford one
  • Have an attorney present during questioning
  • Receive humane treatment and to not be held unfairly (held for a long time without being charged)

    This list is not exhaustive. Under federal and state law, you are guaranteed certain rights that cannot be violated, even if you are charged with a serious crime. While it’s important to know your rights, it is also important to be cooperative with law enforcement if you are arrested. You do not have to speak, but lying or resisting arrest can lead to further charges against you.

    How Our Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help

    At Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we understand how frightening it can be when you or a loved one is arrested or charged with a criminal offense. Our criminal defense attorney in Georgia can help you clearly understand your legal options, answer your questions, and address your concerns. We listen to our clients, offering compassionate and honest legal counsel. In the courtroom, we are aggressive litigators, committed to advocating for your rights. Learn more about the types of criminal cases we handle on our website and, if you need reliable criminal defense representation, get in contact with us today for a case evaluation.

    We can be reached online or by phone at (229) 999-4147. Our team is prepared to fight for you.

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