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Albany Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Strategic Criminal Defense Against DUI Charges Involving Serious Accidents

While any DUI charge should be taken seriously, those accused of causing a drunk driving accident that resulted in serious injury or death of another individual could face felony charges in addition to DUI charges, including vehicular homicide or serious injury by vehicle. At the Albany law office of Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we have successfully defended clients charged with vehicular homicide and serious injury by vehicle. We continue to defend clients throughout southwest Georgia accused of all types of DUI charges, and vigorously protect our clients' rights and freedom.

Fighting Felony DUI Charges

As a felony offense, either vehicular homicide involving DUI or serious injury by vehicle carries serious penalties, including mandatory jail time or probation, heavy fines and long-term license suspension. Beyond these criminal penalties, however, the far more serious implications of being a convicted felon can:

  • Limit potential job opportunities
  • Minimize your pursuit of higher education
  • Prohibit you from owning a fire arm
  • Prevent you from participating in certain civil activities such as voting

DUI accidents resulting in serious injury or death are highly complex cases and very fact-driven. As an experienced trial lawyer and former prosecutor, Tommy Duck has the insight and tenacity to protect his clients' rights against DUI and related felony charges. He works with clients to develop a strong, strategic defense focused on protecting their rights as well as their short- and long-term interests.

Contact An Experienced Dougherty County Vehicular Homicide Defense Attorney

We understand that those accused of felony DUI or vehicular homicide rarely set out to harm anyone. If you or someone you love has been criminally charged based upon a drunk driving accident, Albany attorney Tommy Duck can help. Contact our firm by calling 229-255-2491 or 800-681-0279 toll free today.

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