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Protecting Parents' Interests In Divorce

For many parents going through divorce, child custody and support become the central matter of importance. At the Albany, GA law firm of Thomas V. Duck III, P.C., we understand the importance of helping divorcing parents maintain meaningful relationships with their children moving forward. We focus on obtaining child custody and visitation schedules that both protect their parental rights as well as their children's best interests.

Our firm also assists unmarried parents to resolve custody disputes through paternity/legitimation actions, as well as with any issues involving child support.

Determining Fair Custody And Visitation

In child custody cases, the family court judge seeks to establish parenting time solutions that protect the best interests of the children involved. Ideally, this would involve parents dividing custody equally. Equally does not necessarily mean 50-50, however.

We represent both mothers and fathers in protecting their rights to equitable custody and parenting time. As an experienced Albany child custody attorney, Tommy Duck provides honest insight and dedicated representation to help parents determine:

  • How parenting time will be shared during the school year
  • How holidays, vacations, spring breaks and summer months will be divided
  • How decisions will be made regarding religion, education and overall upbringing

How Can a Father Get Full Custody in Georgia?

While it is not guaranteed which parent will be granted custody and in which amount, a father can earn his best chance by following the law and always doing what is in the best interest of his child(ren). With an attorney on your side, you will be guided through each step of the process, giving you the best chance possible for full custody.

Child Custody Mediation

Parents who worry about leaving their child custody decision up to the final decision of a judge may benefit from mediation or collaborative law. These more amicable processes allow parents to negotiate a custody agreement with the help of their own counsel and other professional experts before bringing it to the court. For this reason, mediation or collaborative law can be a more efficient and cost-effective means of determining child custody.

Tommy Duck individually assesses each client's case upfront and provides honest counsel on the options that might best suit their family's needs. As an experienced trial lawyer, he is always prepared to defend his clients' interests in court in situations where more amicable means of resolution may be inappropriate, unadvisable or impossible.

Contact A Dougherty County Attorney Protecting Visitation Rights Of Parents Throughout Southwest Georgia

We seek to obtain custody solutions tailored to our clients' unique concerns and situations. For more information, contact us by calling (229) 999-4147 toll free.

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